Lady Cyon (wofl_iron) wrote,
Lady Cyon

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Writer's Block: The times they are a-changing

Tags: writer's block

  • I've been haunted by this old ghost before...

    The longer I am away, the more I feel as if I have left something more than a bad situation behind. Besides the the place, the people, I feel like…

  • Sasquath *IS* something I haven't seen before! O__o

    1. Forgot to mention. Went to Bangor yesterday. Got a new jacket, which is awesome. I haven't had a new one in about 4 years, and the lining is all…

  • Twiggy

    This is Twiggy. She hates me. So I couldn't resist. Even though I know better. She's got a wonky eye thing going on that…

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