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.In the morning waking up to terrible sunlight .
[ All diffuse like skin abuse ]
I have the scooby doo theme song stuck in my head. 
6th-Oct-2009 12:04 pm
In a constant fucking loop. Very annoying.

But I'm doing dishes and striving to keep my dog off the couch and I randomly find myself bursting into a butchered rendition of, "IF WE CAN COUNT ON YOU, SCOOBY DOO, I KNOW WE'LL CATCH THAT VILLAIN!"

My life.

I'm waiting for Meg to get here so we can hang out and I'm picking halfheartedly through the fridge because I know I should eat something (haven't yet today) but I dunno. My appetite went POOF. I mean, I know that I am vaguely hungry, but nothing is appetizing and I can't bring myself to put any food in my mouth. It all seems so unappealing.

So after punching myself in the mental face and kicking my own ass for being such a fuckwit, I cheer myself up like I always do. I teach my dog new tricks.

Right now, we're working on "konichiwa" as a cue word for bow. We're still in the lure-click-treat phase, but eventually, I want to add a bow as a signal on my part for extra cute factor. So the end result will be something like a traditional japanese greeting of bowing to each other. Needless to say. I'm having a lot of geeky fun with this.
Dark Magician Girl
6th-Oct-2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
Aww! That sounds adorable. My parent's dog dances with you and does hi-fives and falls over if you point at her and go "bang!"

Now I really want to see the result!
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