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.In the morning waking up to terrible sunlight .
[ All diffuse like skin abuse ]
Sasquath *IS* something I haven't seen before! O__o 
7th-Jan-2009 11:38 pm
1. Forgot to mention. Went to Bangor yesterday. Got a new jacket, which is awesome. I haven't had a new one in about 4 years, and the lining is all shredded and full of holes and the pockets are torn. It's dry clean only. BUH. So, I got a new one and promised my mom I'd take my old one to get fixed and cleaned. Which, I should considering it's an Anne Klein and probably the most expensive article of clothing I own. (Not that I paid that much for it.) I know that's a shitty reason, but I see it as it's a *nice* *useful* thing, and I appreciate the use I've gotten from it and I'd like to keep getting use of it. *shrug* I dunno. I got distracted.

Because I don't know if there's anyone in the SPN fandom on my flist that hasn't heard esbeani's fansongs, but if you haven't than you should go there IMMEDIATELY and listen. (My favorite is I Would Have Done.)

I have them all on my ipod and they are ...chilling, haunting, fucking heartbreaking. Simple folk songs with little more than a guitar, but the lyrics will twist your heart out and stomp it into teeny tiny pieces and make you ache for those goddamned boys in no way you've ached before. Oh man. I literally had to *stop* listening so I could type this.

Oh I hope this girl makes an album someday. Then SPN would kinda be on par with Harry Potter and all its wizard rock. :p Then again, Little House on the Prairie has a tribute band too. >__> Don't ask me how I know that.

So, what else. Oh yes. Dropped Murphy off at Best Buy, which I've been meaning to do since I used him for discus practice. They said that they'd try to fix it, but they'd most likely junk it. Which means *NEW LAPTOP* *shing! sparkle sparkle* My parents are glad they got me that drop policy (which runs out next month) but I'm insisting firmly that I'm making sure I'm getting *full use* of it. Stick it to the man any way you can.

Got an odd job to do tomorrow, which is great. Can get a jump start on paying January's rent, which I have to make up for when I get home and is already a week late. No biggie though. It's not like it's not getting paid. I just have to pay Joe back. Which, he understands and is good like that.

Good news is, I've regained a fond appreciation for my roomates. I mean, really some of the stuff that annoys me is just me being cranky. Three things happened to change that. 1) license. I won't be stranded at home if they decide to take off somewhere. 2) My birthday coming up. While I don't want to go bar hopping, it will be nice to be on par with them. 3) Perspective. I've had a chance to be away and I've decided that Rhode Island isn't so terrible. And that I do miss Britt and Joe. They're my friends, y'know? And despite my complaining sometimes, it's just venting so I don't snap at them. We *do* have fun together. Besides that, Maine is fucking COLD right now. I want O-U-T out. I'm shivering right the fuck now.

Holy shit this thing is long.

Plus, I miss my jobby. I miss smoking pot indoors. I miss my bed. I miss porn. (tmi, I know. Whatev. I *do*) Strangely, I even miss cooking for roomies. I miss my KITTIES. So bad. As much as Cooper's poor training bothers me (the clotheslining incident today, for example) I can't stop myself from CUDDLING him. I feel *bad* he tries *SO* hard to be a good boy. And I know if my parents would *LISTEN* to me he could be a *really good dog* But he's so fucking CONFUSED. He doesn't know what to do. And I've kinda given up interfering because I'm pretty sure it annoys dad, but he's the worst one. God. I dunno. He's my dad, but he needs a serious wake up call. Like, Victora Stilwell is doing casting call for It's Me or the Dog and I keep fantasizing about signing them up for it so she can whip them into shape. But mum would never forgive me for putting her on national television. :F (but could you imagine? OMFG Victoria Stilwell. I just want to hug her. She's so fucking sexy-adorable. *geek*)

Mum bought some grapes today and I recently found out they fed Cooper grapes once (OMFG *FACEPALM*) so I ran around the house telling all of the kids very very sternly they were not allowed to feed him grapes. And I even gave a *sternlook* to dad about it because apparently *he* did it first.

You guuuuuys. My *PARENTS* are SPOs. D: This makes me so saaaaaad.

Dear god, how much more can I talk about?

No, I think I'm done. I think that's enough, though I'm sure I'll think of more in the future. I always do. XD

Also. here's a dog and bunny double act. Awesome video. SO CUTE
Supernatural - Sam Dean dreaming
8th-Jan-2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
Not to be too...something, but honestly, your removal from the situation in RI makes it seem less horrible than it was. My apartment in Oberlin was total fucking madness and it drove me up the wall - now that I wish I was back in college, it doesn't seem so bad, but at the time it was bad for my mental health like whoa.

So just be wary of false hopes. You may have been cranky, but they also gave you a lot of reasons to be that way.
8th-Jan-2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
Undoubtedly. But I just feel like now that I've had some time away, I can deal with it better. And once I get my car down there, half the problem is eliminated. Because a lot of it was me bouncing between having NO PRIVACY/free time and having WAAAAY too much with nothing to do.

I feel like...now they can be roomates to me and not grudgingly necessary lifelines.

But I do know what you're saying and I'm not expecting a huge change and they'll still probably drive me crazy. Just, hopefully less so now that I'm capable of pursuing my own interests when I want to.
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